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Benefits of Using a Buyer's Broker in Columbia County New York

Utilizing a buyer's broker has become increasingly popular with real estate buyers in Columbia County NY. This consumer oriented approach eliminates the potential for conflict of interest and provides the buyer with a level of service they cannot enjoy working with an agent for the seller. Here's why:

  1. A buyer's broker owes their complete loyalty to you the buyer. A seller's broker owes their loyalty to the seller.
  2. A buyer's broker will promote and protect the buyer's interests at all times. A seller's broker is required to promote and protect the seller's interests at all times.
  3. A buyer's broker can negotiate to achieve the best possible purchase price and terms for their buyer client. An agent of the seller is required to achieve the best possible purchase price and terms for the seller.
  4. A buyer's broker will not disclose your thoughts or financial capabilities to the seller. A seller's agent is required to disclose everything the buyer tells them.
  5. A buyer's broker can prepare an unbiased analysis of market value on any property being considered for purchase. A seller's broker cannot do this.
  6. In most cases, working with a buyer's broker will not cost any additional expense because the commission paid by the seller is split between the two brokers.
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Your Buyer's Broker can:

  • Thoroughly explain all forms and agreements.
  • Assist you with mortgage financing.
  • Arrange property showings according to your schedule.
  • Point out good reasons to buy and, perhaps more importantly, good reasons not to buy a particular property.
  • Discuss why another property may be a better value or better suit your needs.
  • Provide assistance in helping determine an appropriate purchase offer.
  • Research public record for property transfer information.
  • Point out property flaws for negotiation purposes.
  • Identify inspections and other beneficial services, and help you select qualified professionals to complete the work.
  • Arrange appointments to provide property access for inspectors, appraisers and others.
  • Monitor the sale process from beginning to end.
  • Arrange a walk through of the property just prior to closing.
  • Attend the closing to help ensure everything goes smoothly.

When serving as a buyer's broker I never try to sell clients on a home or parcel of land. As their agent I best serve them as an consultant. As your buyer's broker I will utilize my professional expertise and local knowledge to help accomplish your goals. It is simply better business for you to work with a buyer's agent than it is to be unrepresented, or to work with an agent of the seller.

Real estate buyers and investors need the advantages offered by working with a buyer’s broker. Going it alone just doesn’t make sense. Contact Columbia County Real Estate Specialists, LLC to begin working with an Accredited Buyers Representative who will work with you every step of the way. For the best in buyer broker services email John Avenia, or reach him by phone at (800) 290-4235.


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